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Insider - Discovering tie dye through the eyes of Rose Carmine

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Rose carmine has brought tie dye jumpersback into fashion.how ? 1. by proposing jumpers of an irreproachable quality2. made by hand, in europe3. with new colours and incredible fabrics, such as soft mohairwe wanted to know morea meeting with founder sandrine ganemin her atelierour interviewfashion & secret with rose carmine interview with sandrine ganem : here, we have arrived in my atelier in the heart of paris.it’s is my little secret place where everything happens for rose carmine.this is where i find myself, where i make my colour combinations. here, look, like that. i create patches, placements of colours, association tests, stitches, etc…this allows me to create my collection. you have to know that i knit a lot, and i design very little. and the more i knit, the more that puts me in hypnosis and concentration. and from an idea comes another idea, from one wish comes another wish. and i enter into my creative delirium.if you like, i can show you the gradient, the rose carmine tie dye. so, that’s the real tie dye, with a patented design on the colour transitions, that i redo every year.here, for example, i have a coat like that, that part of one of iconic models. you see the work on lurex too.we are very far from overconsumption and overproduction, and this side of fashion that is very wasteful. we are very far from all of that.