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20 feb. 2017
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Carlin Creative trend bureau : Attitude, a new spirit - FW 2018-19

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20 feb. 2017

Carlin Creative trend bureau bucks the trend within the frame of its new WOMEN’S ATTITUDE trend book launch.

Fashion expressions or attitudes are becoming the new ultimate style weapon. Revolution or evolution?
Either way, a shift of mindsets that emphasizes feminine personas and identity.

Carlin sets up portraits of these trendy women and develops attached viewpoints thus telling their stories.
Who are they? What do they do? Where are they? What do they wear?

Each ATTITUDE marks a posture, a way of being, a spirit, translated through an influential silhouette for the season. Here are two examples:
Laidback tailoring

Feisty streetwear

This new dress code, yet again, showcases garments, which are essential to create the right associations. It restores meaning to usages, apparel and becomes the new marker for our desires: shoulder emphasis, waist tightening, sleeve lengthening… Apparel construction reasserts itself.
Focus: shoulder

Rediscover garments through ATTITUDE 18/19 trends, with the right style accents, which will make all the difference.
For more information: http://carlin-creative.com/

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