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25 jun. 2015
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Schmid: Trends for the footwear and leather goods industries - AW 2016/17

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25 jun. 2015

Blend, Groove, Power Gender and Dessert are the four worlds of matter of Schmid’s new Trend Book, a company that provides fabrics for the footwear and leather goods industries. The Milanese company is currently presenting the trends of its autumn/winter 16-17 collection, conceived with the collaboration of designers and established cool hunters. Let’s go into details:

Schmid’s new Trend Book

The key words of this world are outdoor, casual, preppy. The Blend style mixes English tradition with luxury outdoor. It celebrates a new nostalgia for the Anglo-Saxon wool industry: herringbone jacquard, bouclé with vibrant colours, embossed velvets and microtextures that bring to mind saffiano leather. 

The Blend style - Schmid

This world celebrates the glamour statement with inspirations from the 1970s, giving room to a flambloyant and glittery rock atmosphere.
Laminations, iridescent effects, reflective surfaces and hints of contemporaneity are the key elements, along with glitter and gems on French lace and embossed velvet with an astrakhan effect.

The Groove style - Schmid

Power Gender
It is the metropolitan unisex revolution, an extravagant style for the new millenium’s urban warriors. The style is a new hybrid dominated by grey and black shades. The textile surfaces are shiny with a focus on quilted effects and rubberized fabrics. Let’s not forget the canvas under glass, flocked rip-stop and high-tech fabrics such as fibreglass.

The Power Gender style - Schmid

A sensual style, sweet to the extreme, inspired by French pastry decorations. It is a new female decorum, that integrates gems, laminations, iridescense and crystals. Glitter is at the fore with feminine and hyper-saturated colours in a world of moire print satins, crochet mesh and embroideries.

The Dessert style - Schmid

Schmid is a leading company in the footwear and leather goods industries. It was founded in 1942 in Milan by Walter Schmid, a Swiss citizen, and is now owned by three Italian entrepreneurs, including Paolo Ciccarelli, the company’s chairman and chief executive. Schmid is not just a supplier of fabrics and accessories, but a strategic partner capable of providing quality, innovation, customised services to its clients. It is the partner of the most important designers of the fashion world, not only in Italy but also in the United States and the main European markets.

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